SHIFT (Sexual Health In the over ForTy-fives) is a European-funded project which aims to improve the sexual health and wellbeing of people over 45, particularly those who are vulnerable to poor sexual health outcomes.

Our strategy is to:

Increase the confidence of professionals

In discussing sexual health with the over-45s and provide professionals working with disadvantaged groups with the necessary tools to put sexual health on the agenda and facilitate access to services.

Work directly with people aged 45+als with training

Particularly those most at-risk, to address their sexual health concerns and connect them with appropriate support and referral services local to, and appropriate for, them.

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SHIFT is led by the Health and Europe Centre and brings together partners with expertise in public health, sexual health and community health from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium (the 2Seas region).

Our partnership will allow us to work with local people in the 2Seas region, helping improve their sexual health and wellbeing, while working to develop research that can be used elsewhere to help others.

SHIFT Partners include:

SHIFT is part of a €4 million project by Interreg VA 2Seas programme which involved partners from the UK, the Netherlands, France and Belgium and receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund.