If you’re worried about an issue related to sex or sexual health, there is help available for you, just ask us.

You can:

  • Contact your GP
  • Speak to a local pharmacist
  • Visit a sexual health clinic

Professionals working in the sexual health clinic are there to help you, not judge you. They really have seen and heard it all before! Everything you discuss in the clinic is absolutely confidential. So don’t be shy about coming forward. Everyone has the right to a happy and healthy sex life, if that’s what you want.


In the UK you can use the NHS service finder website to find your nearest sexual health clinic and make an appointment. You can get free advice and testing for STIs (even if you don’t have any symptoms) as well as free condoms and lube if you need it.


You can consult your family doctor for questions relating to your sexual health and/or testing for sexually transmitted diseases. It is also possible to get anonymous testing in specialised centres in Antwerp (ITG helpcenter - Kronenburgstraat 43, 2000 Antwerp) or in Brussels (S-Clinic - Campus Cesar De Paepe - Cellebroersstraat 13, 1000 Brussels).

The expertise centre for sexual health Sensoa has developed a website with information about the symptoms, possible consequences and treatment of STIs. Do you have questions about or suspect an STI? Take a look, but be sure to contact your family doctor as well.