Online training and virtual learning

Are you a health or social care provider?

Would you like to know more about how you can better support the sexual health of your clients or patients?

The SHIFT project has developed two training programmes to help you support the sexual health of people over 45. They are:

  • Engaging and approaching people aged 45+ about sexual health including:
    • Start to SHIFT - an e-learning module on general sexual health education and the impact of age on sexual health.
    • Assess and communicate - an in-depth module on sexual health communications with a specific focus on older people.
  • Improving knowledge and developing skills in sexual health care with a specific focus on the over-45s, including:
    • Reduce risk - an in-depth module aimed at expanding your knowledge of health risks related to sexual health in people aged 45 and over, including sexually-transmitted infections, sexual dysfunction, transgressive behaviour and chronic disease.
    • Embrace difference - an in-depth module on diversity in all its forms related to sexual health in people aged 45 and over, including socio-economic context, ethnic and cultural differences, LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities.

You can 'mix and match' all modules according to your professional needs.

The SHIFT project

As part of the SHIFT project we are committed to supporting professionals who work in health or social care who want to help people aged 45 and over to have happy and healthy sex lives.

The objective of the project is to empower people aged over 45 to participate in sexual health services and improve their sexual health and wellbeing, with a focus on socio-economically disadvantaged groups across the 2Seas area.

In co-creating service redesign, healthcare systems will be adapted to provide services that are properly suited to these groups.

SHIFT will improve awareness in the target groups and increase access to sexual health services; improving wellbeing, increasing testing for STIs and HIV amongst the over 45s and socio-economically disadvantaged groups. This will lead to a better quality of life for people aged over 45 (with specific focus on vulnerable groups) and  a decrease in health inequalities. You can find more information on the project and the partners involved on the Interreg 2 seas website.

SHIFT hybrid conference

The SHIFT final conference was held in-person and on-line on 30 November 2022 in the Hague. This was a unique opportunity to bring together all the SHIFT partners and people who are interested in empowering the 45s and over to think about their sexual health and wellbeing of people aged 45 and over and decide what they want to do or what they don’t need to do. We want to normalise discussions around sex, sexual health and wellbeing, remove the stigma and remove the ageism. We want to give people the opportunity to ask the questions they want to ask.

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